Staltor wishes to offer its dealers a complete range of high-quality and advanced climbing materials:

  • The Staltor portfolio has an extensive range of FRP (fiberglass reinforced polyester) ladders and step ladders, made of high-quality polyester resin.
  • The unique adhesive bond guarantees an optimal balance between strength, stiffness and weight. This adhesive bond is used in the production of FRP ladders, -stairs and -work platforms.
  • Staltor continuously invests in new and advanced production processes in order to bring high-quality products to the market.

Today, Staltor is the reference in terms of GRP customization: Staltor offers every type of GRP height solution; depending on the environment, GRP can be combined with stainless steel. Aluminum solutions can also be integrated into this.
Customization is very diverse: from fixed and mobile stairs to cage ladders, platforms or walking floors. Almost nothing is impossible.
Our custom-made department supervises projects from the design phase to final delivery. Everything is done in house: from drawing to delivery.